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Christine Noble

R+F Independent Consultant

My best business moment:
Teaming up with the Doctors who created Proactiv® Solution in their newest business venture

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My Story

 Within days of beginning to use the Microdermabrasion Paste and the Reverse Regimen, I felt an immediate difference in my skin's texture, firmness, and complexion. My skin tone was more even and as I continued to use the products, it only improved. My dark spots on my face are dark and stubborn. With the help of the accelerator pack, they began to fade more and more. I feel more comfortable and confident. I believe in these products because I have never had results like these before. I decided to sign on as a consultant to further my R&F journey, to expose others to these successful products I was lucky to have been told about, and to help my family as our needs change for the future. Take the journey with me!

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